If Heaven is For Me – Poem

The pearly gate, the street
Of gold—I am told,
Is waiting for me.
Please Lord may I meet
My families that suffered
And is no longer with me,
If heaven is meant for a
Person like me.

Empress M,

About the author


This bio will be short. I am a graduate of Medgar Evers College. Mother of three and grandmother. I love to read and write poetry.

To those who have been a great support in reading my website and those who just came across this poetry this will be the ending of my poetic journey for now. I hope there will be a new chapter in my life that will be a success and inspired people to be far better in their thoughts, words and deeds. I am working on myself and it’s been hard.... yet I am getting there. When I began my poetry, I felt so deeply inspired. Now when I write I just write (feeling burned out of all that has occurred and is occurring) and I am feeling as if my poetry isn’t moving in the manner that I feel it should because I have not place myself in a position to be active reading my poetry at live venues for my own personal reason. I wanted to thank those who took the time to read my poetry especially my love ones. Thank you for being on the journey with me. Peace and blessings.

Empress Journee


    • Dito Robin… I’ve seen it.. powder up to the neck and even chin, but you smell all sweet and cuddly!

  • Hi Anthea, memories of dem dang bush tea which was really good and worked like a charm but i hated it then… My home now is never without a bottle of ‘oil of peppermint’ of which a few drops I tip ever so often in my tea….

    • Thank you Carmen for sharing.. REAL WORD!! While you are on the matter of Jamaican herbs… They did work like a charm… You may want to click into columns on herbs by Jamaican Herbalist team on my site.. Awww the washout!! loL Thanks for posting. Keep communicating. It’s all on jamaicans.com — LEARN, LIVE JAMAICAN!!