If Heaven is For Me – Poem

The pearly gate, the street
Of gold—I am told,
Is waiting for me.
Please Lord may I meet
My families that suffered
And is no longer with me,
If heaven is meant for a
Person like me.

Empress M,

About the author


I am a proud mother, grandmother, poet, writer, performer, a singer, great cook, a lover of unique, fashionable earrings, and love to wear & dress in an unique, artistic fashion.
I was born in Jamaica West Indies, immigrated to the United States of America at the tender age of ten. I've had the great privilege working for the Human Resource Admin, taught at an Head-Start and move on as an uprising reggae singer to perform as an open act for various great singers like Dennis Brown, Calypso Rose, World-A-Girl and others I admired. My career ended due to the path and choices I made. However, I drew strength to rise, through Christ, the support of love ones and guidance of Christ. I give thanks for the knowledge and experience that allowed me to see my own flaws, steps I took and the game of life. I am still working on the connections with my love ones that has been fractured. However I am grateful that God has allow me to still have a way of reaching out to my love ones and to express my inner thoughts through poetry. I am growing everyday as I work on a higher Christ consciousness of my mind. I give thanks to my natural parents for doing the best they could to see me through my pursuit to success. I consider myself a great person and love to give of myself, which at times are a positive and negative. I am also working on strengthening all areas of my spiritual gifts. I hope when you read these poetic thoughts you can relate, especially people who are battling with depression and self-worth. Thank you for reading my poetic thoughts. Think Wisely! Love Empress Journee!


    • Dito Robin… I’ve seen it.. powder up to the neck and even chin, but you smell all sweet and cuddly!

  • Hi Anthea, memories of dem dang bush tea which was really good and worked like a charm but i hated it then… My home now is never without a bottle of ‘oil of peppermint’ of which a few drops I tip ever so often in my tea….

    • Thank you Carmen for sharing.. REAL WORD!! While you are on the matter of Jamaican herbs… They did work like a charm… You may want to click into columns on herbs by Jamaican Herbalist team on my site.. Awww the washout!! loL Thanks for posting. Keep communicating. It’s all on jamaicans.com — LEARN, LIVE JAMAICAN!!