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If McCain Chooses Cantor, I’ll Know He Has Sold Out to Neocons

So “maverick” John McCain is leaning toward Eric Cantor as his running mate, is he? Hmmmmm.

I don’t want to bore you with another tirade against neocons, and I certainly don’t want to say anything that might sound remotely anti-Semitic (I’m already being lectured about this by my wife). But I am deeply troubled by evidence I cannot ignore, evidence that starkly illuminates a dangerous conspiracy by a group of Jewish neo-conservatives who helped to push America into invading Iraq and who seem hell-bent on triggering a war with Iran. Their objective is the protection of the state of Israel, even though the available evidence so far suggests their hawkish policies will achieve the opposite effect.

Many peace-loving Jewish-Americans (such as Time Magazine’s Joe Klein) seem to be as horrified by the group’s machinations as I am.

Why am I saying all this? Because, I suspect Eric Cantor of being a Zionist neocon.Cantor

Cantor (photo at right) does not look dangerous. By all accounts, he is a decent 45-year-old family man who has spent his life in Virgina. He has a law degree from Columbia University and is the deputy minority whip in the House of Representatives. But, wow!, is he ever conservative!

He has even circulated a memo asking Americans to “stand with Rush (Limbaugh) against liberal attacks.”

Cantor – a vehement and outspoken supporter of Israel – is chairman of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare. This is a coalition of members of Congress that “studies the threats international terrorism poses to the U.S. and develops policy proposals and legislative recommendations regarding the fight against terrorism.”

You can bet those recommendations will reflect McCain’s “bomb-bomb-bomb Iran” policy.

Do these mad bombers stop to think that Russia is one of Iran’s staunchest allies? Do they remember that Russia has The Bomb?

The thought of Cantor as America’s vice president sends shivers up my spine and evokes the specter of mushroom clouds at the edges of my mind.

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