If Tessanne Chin loses blame Adam Levine. It was a “bad reggae” song choice – The Voice

Tessanne and Adam - Photo Courtesy of Tessanne Chin Music FB

Tessanne and Adam – Photo Courtesy of Tessanne Chin Music FB

I believe Tessanne Chin had a bad song choice  yesterday courtesy of her mentor, Adam Levine.  The song  does not allow an artist to showing any vocal range (she did at the end). “Underneath It All”  by No Doubt, always seemed like a song a band does when they want to “boast” about having done a reggae song.  It has the typically beat that anyone who does not know reggae goes back when they are doing a “island” song.

Yes…we know many of you are “pushing” out your chest saying she represented her roots. Yes…you don’t want to hear  it because we are so proud she sang a reggae song however it was a terrible reggae song.  There were so many other reggae songs he could have chosen that would have displayed her talents. She redeemed the “song” in the middle doing it some “justice”. She got the crowd involved but is it enough to get to the top 6?   She is clearly the most dominant singer in Adam’s group. For example he mentioned “Tessanne and the dudes” when addressing them yesterday.  She carried them in the group performance of the song – “One Day by Matsiyahu” (another reggae influenced song).

She has range (not only reggae) and stage presence that “trumps”  all the others left in the final 8. Adams obsession to show how much reggae influenced his career and also his love to hear more of her “accent” in the songs she sing could ultimately doom her.

Below are both songs. What do you think of the original? What reggae song would you have chosen?

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