George Graham

If You Don’t Vote, Don’t Complain

It’s all you really have: one vote.

When all is said, there’s just that one thing to be done: vote.

If you don’t, you will have given up your right to participate in the government of your country. You will have let someone else decide your fate.

Yes, it’s only one vote. But that’s what you have. So use it.

Yes, I know that in some cases, you might not like any of the choices you’re offered, that you might have to choose the least offensive option. So hold your nose and do it.

If you don’t, you will have no justification for complaining about the result of the election. And you might be stuck with the most offensive option (see cartoon above).

I know you’re busy… and your back hurts… and you have the flu… and you have to pick up the kids at Grandma’s house… or whatever…

Too bad.

This is no time to wimp out. Too much is at stake.

You can’t let anything keep you away from the polls.


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