I’have got your Back for Valentine’s Day

We are mere days from Valentine’s Day!


I know some of us “guys” tend to forget about these things.

Well, listen up! You can send your loved one a free card on me.

We print a real greeting card, stuff the envelope, lick the stamp, and mail it for you!

Guys this is a great way to earn some brownie points.

It’s totally free because I occasionally give away free cards  to show people  that I can provide Hallmark quality cards at less than Walmart pricing. I do this from  one of  my web sites  used to send greeting cards.  I am allowing a total of  10 cards to be sent.

You can send  1 card free on me.  No catch.

Ok, maybe there is a catch… if you live on the east coast of the United States the card will take 4-5 days to get there so make sure you visit the site today to send your free card that it will arrive on time.

 Go to:

Click for Free valentine card

Turn on your speakers or headphones so you can hear the audio.  There will be a demo that will walk you through the process of sending a card.

Look, we need to support each other! I hope you get some “brownie” points this week 🙂


Gotta go! Have a bunch of cards to send.

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