George Graham

In a Strange Land


As Trump’s apparatchiks sort through citizenship applications from long, long ago, apparently threatening to revoke my right to live in America, my desire to stay grows ever less fervent.

I hardly recognize America today.

In Central Florida, where I live, a man was just gunned down in a fight over a handicapped parking space, and I understand no charges can be filed against his killer.

A recently passed “stand your ground” law supposedly gives the shooter the right to kill anyone who “puts him in fear.”

Do I have to tell you that a black man would put most white Americans in fear if they met by chance on some lonely road on a dark night?

In North Carolina, where my brother Peter and Sandra’s brother David both live, a state House candidate named Russell Walker proclaimed that God is a racist and a white supremacist. He adds that all Jews are descended from Satan.

Yes, he’s a Republican. What else could he be?

In Congress, an immigration “reform” bill would partially close the door on Hispanics and other non-whites and encourage more immigrants from countries like Norway.

In our nation’s capital, a “white civil rights rally” is to be held a couple of weekends from now. Those poor, oppressed white folks! Doesn’t your heart just bleed for them?

I could go on and on. These are not isolated aberrations. They are signs of the times.

With Trump’s approval rating holding strong and soaring among white males., there’s a race revolution brewing in America – an “Anglo-Saxon” uprising.

I  seem to sense it in my neighborhood.

I used to walk along Post Lane and stop to chat with Marvin and Sandy, Larry and Mona and my other neighbors, all of whom happen to be white.

When Marge’s husband John passed away, Sandra and I went to his funeral.

Ricky, across the street, used to visit now and then. Sandra had him and his grandmother over for dinner.

Linda, whose lot backs on to ours, also came for dinner and invited Sandra for tea with another neighbor Ann.

But I haven’t heard from any of the neighbors in weeks. Does that signify anything?

I don’t mind anyway. I probably don’t have any pleasantries to share with them today. I suspect they’re all Republicans.

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