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A Day in the Age of Trump



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It’s another day in Trumpistan…

The Trump faithful may be taking comfort from Rudy Giuliani’s  rambling interview on TV yesterday, but the rest of us are left wondering what that was all about.

And we’re bemused by Trump’s threat to shut down the government if he doesn’t get his wall.

Haven’t we seen this movie before?

Meanwhile, the Koch brother (there’s only one in public life now, the other one has called it quits) is threatening to defy the American oligarch. According to reports,Koch might back selected Democrats in the midterm elections.

And he has a war chest of $400 million.

Trump responded by calling Koch “a joke,” (but he failed to recognize the farcical nature of his favorite lawyer’s latest TV performance).

Accused money launderer (etc., etc., etc.) Paul Manafort goes to court today to face the prospect of 100 years or so in prison.

That’s the same Paul Manafort who managed Trump’s campaign at one point.

You think he might turn state’s evidence and rat on Trump?

Manafort was waist deep in Russian rubles, according to the prosecution. Did Russian hackers collude with trump through Manafort?

But not to worry, says Giuliani, Manafort has nothing on Trump. And anyway, collusion is not a crime.

Of course conspiracy to commit a crime is against the law, but in Giuliani’s legal opinion it’s OK if you call it collusion.

What about Michael Cohen? Doesn’t he have something on Trump? After all, he was Trump’s lawyer and “fixer” for years.

But Giuliani has that covered, too. Cohen is a well known liar, he argues. Who’s going to believe him?

So who are we to believe? Trump?

I know, it all sounds crazy. But it’s politics as usual in the Age if Trump.

So many questions. So few answers.

Will the remaining Koch brother really turn on Trump’s Republicans?

Will Trump shut down the government? Will Congress cave and fund his wall?

Will Mueller ever issue his report? Will the report unveil an intricate web of money laundering, racketeering and collusion with an enemy of the US?

Will Trump be at the center of that web?

And will the American people believe Mueller? Or will they accept Trump’s explanation that it’s all a witch hunt inspired by the deep state, the mainstream media and various other enemies of the people?

Who knows? As Giuliani said yesterday, nobody can be sure of anything.

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