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In the Land of Weird



There’s so much to fear, so much to deplore, so much regret for the past and trepidation for the future that the entry of Sarah Palin and Phil Robertson is actually a welcome development in America’s current election season.

It’s a kind of comic relief from the grim reality of a Republican primary fueled by rage and resentment.

So, we might as well enjoy it. After all, this election is costing Americans billions, trillions even.

I know you refuse to enjoy Sarah. You refuse to enjoy Phil. You think they’re sinister, not the least bit amusing.

And there’s something to be said for that view.

But, confess, who else can wow an audience like Sarah? And without uttering one intelligible sentence?

(The best description of Sarah’s endorsement speech came from Stephen Colbert who said she locked up the evangelical vote because she was talking “in unknown tongues.”)

And wphilho else could look as bizarre as Phil does in that Ted Cruz endorsement ad (picture at right)? Who else would soberly suggest that making duck gumbo is an essential requirement  for the presidency?

Sarah and Phil are just a part of a prevailing GOP primary weirdness. I understand Cruz is going  to call on Glenn Beck next in an effort to trump Palin’s endorsement of the Donald.

Yes, Glenn Beck. Apparently he’s still around. And you can bet he’s as weird as ever.

But who isn’t acting strange in this oh-so-strange Republican primary?

Even John Kasich, who seemed to be the sanest of the Republican candidates, is acting strange – very strange.

He recently described himself as the “prince of light and hope.” No kidding.

Maybe it’s not just the folks in Flint who are being poisoned by lead in the water. Maybe the entire country has ingested some kind of toxin that affects the brain.

But maybe not. We’ll find out in November.

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