Is BET selling us to slavery?

Source: Museum in Docklands

One of the topics of discussion at a birthday party I attended this weekend was BET. Many of the participants in the discussion thought BET is doing a disservice to the black community. They felt it was hurting the community with the stereotyping and was not contributing anything positive to the black community. I did not disagree with them. I used to watch BET when it was a voice for positive change. Now every time you “flip” past that channel there seems to be half-naked women in a rap video.

When I got home the movie Amistad was on TNT. I knew about the story but I did not watch the movie when it was released in 1997. There was a scene in the movie where African tribes men captured other African tribes people to sell to white slave traders. At that moment the discussion early that night came back to me. You guessed it… BET was the African tribes men capturing their bothers and sisters for sale to the highest bidder…

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