Is Bob Marley Pot (Ganja) coming to a store near you? Will Bob Marley be the first global brand of marijuana?


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US based Privateer Holdings Inc., a private-equity firm and investment fund that specializes in marijuana businesses, has announced it is creating a line of Bob Marley-inspired cannabis products. The products, which will be branded Marley Natural, will include strains of “heirloom Jamaican cannabis” inspired by the herb that Bob Marley enjoyed  in finger-sized joints, pot-infused creams, accessories and vaporizers in the style of e-cigarettes. The products were developed in  partnership with the Marley Estate and will go on sale in 2015.

“Part of ending prohibition is by creating brands that fuel change.” said Privateer co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Brendan Kennedy in a recent  interview. The company seems to  believe that the branding of these products with Bob Marley’s name will help to push marijuana legalization.  The company envisions Marley Natural operating like the Ben & Jerry’s of pot, selling a global product.

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