Is LeBron acting like an MVP?

The article below is a very timely one.  Since the MVP announcements I have heard them comparing him with the great players like Magic, Bird and Jordan. I even heard one sportscaster saying that the cast LeBron had around him was worse than what Jordan had…Wow. Jordan had to carry those team. Apart from Pippen all the other players were bench players in his early years. I think these comparisons are too pre-mature. These players knew how to make their team mates better. He is getting there but he is is not there yet…

Time for LeBron to act like the MVP

Source: Yahoo Sports

Writer: Dan Wetzel

CLEVELAND – Cleveland coach Mike Brown had just gone off like few had ever seen him. He sat in front of the media and railed about his team’s lack of effort and emotion in a humiliating 104-86 Game 2 loss to Boston.

He questioned their urgency. He voiced concern over their defense. He looked like the coach of a team that had been outplayed seven of the last eight quarters – are actually fortunate to have this series tied at 1-1 – and are one lost weekend in Boston from all but blowing this supposed-to-be-dream season.

In the damn second round no less.

“Plain and simple, they kicked our behind,” Brown said. “It’s not good enough for me. It’s not good enough for anybody in that locker room.”

He might want to check again on that last part. Back in that locker room you could hardly tell anything calamitous had just occurred.

Mo Williams(notes), who had just gone 1-for-9 from the floor and watched opposing point guard Rajon Rondo(notes) dish 19 assists, emerged from the shower to find a gaggle of reporters waiting for him. He looked dumbfounded.

“Damn,” Williams said, with a smile. “What you all want?”

Across the way, LeBron James(notes), Mr. MVP X2, pulled on a pair of purple socks.

“For me,” LeBron would say, “there’s no panic. I may handle it differently than Mike. This is a long series.”

It’s not going to be unless LeBron James starts thinking like Mike Brown. So here comes the test of LeBron and here it comes in a big, big way. Cleveland is in trouble, and if Brown is the only one who realizes it, then the Cavaliers are in more trouble than even the coach suspects.

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