George Graham

Is This the Dawning of America’s “Arab Spring”?

What on earth do they mean when Republicans accuse the president of “class warfare”? Do they really believe Barack Obama invented the war between the economic classes in America? Do they think he could stop it if he wished? Do they think there was a time when the classes were not at war? With each other, I mean, not with the Nazis or the Soviets or whomever. Those external wars – hot and cold – merely served to distract the country temporarily from the real conflict – the internal struggle for power and the wealth that comes with it.

If you have not recognized class warfare in Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio and Michigan since the Republicans won control of state governments there in 2010, you weren’t paying attention to the union busting, vote suppressing and gerrymandering that’s been going on – all designed to muzzle minorities and cripple the Democrats going into the 2012 elections.

What do you think the firing of thousands of state workers – teachers, firefighters, law enforcement officers and so on – is all about? Why do you think American corporations are sitting on more than $2 trillion in unspent cash while 14 million are jobless and millions more underemployed? What do you call the Bush tax cuts that benefited the richest Americans?

How did a tiny elite come to control the vast majority of the wealth in America?

What do you call the censorship of Wall Street protest emails by Yahoo?

And what do you call the anti-Obama tirades by the millionaires who read us “the news”?

The war is in full force on all fronts. The right-wing propaganda resources are deployed with billions to back them up. Obama faces hostile fire from the “think tanks” and “media outlets,” the bloggers and search engines, the Tea Party groups and … His enemies are everywhere and they’re letting it all hang out.

And that’s not the worst of it. Look out for an infestation of Republican “dirty tricks” as they wage a desperate struggle to gain total control of the country.

Meanwhile – virtually ignored by the mainstream media –  long-suffering Americans are awakening to the vast injustice inflicted on them and they are taking to the streets at last.

Click here for details. (Scroll down to read the comments, too.)

It looks as if America’s “Arab Spring” might be dawning.

This could be it, folks. The battle for our future.

I wonder what would happen if the Republicans stole the next election as they did in 2004?

Click here to refresh your memory.

Might that be the spark that sets the country ablaze?

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