George Graham

Is Trump a Moron?


The ongoing fuss over the secretary of state’s description of Trump as “a moron” is neglecting the question at the heart of the matter:

Is the president of the United States a moron?

I have my own opinion, you have yours and we’ve heard what Trump thinks (see illustration).

But the question is important enough to deserve an objective answer.

Congress should conduct an inquiry to provide that answer.  (After all, they spent millions to examine Hillary’s use of her home computer for official business.)

First of all, what is a moron?

According to several sources, “moron” was originally used in psychiatry to identify someone suffering from a mild intellectual disability.

I can’t wait for the expert witnesses to give their opinions on just how mild Trump’s intellectual disability might be. I hope they subject him to a battery of psychological tests. The results should be illuminating..

If Trump’s intellect is shown to be even mildly impaired, surely he should not have access to America’s nuclear arsenal?

Surely, he should not be trusted to administer a national budget in the trillions?

Surely, he should not be allowed to play chicken with Iran and North Korea – endangering the rest of the world?

I know this might sound like a sick joke. But don’t laugh. The implications are serious. Deadly serious.

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