George Graham

Israel Has Crossed the Line and Must Be Restrained

PeresI know Israel is considered an important American ally in the Middle East, and I know Hamas is a terrorist group. But I also know that when any country attacks United Nations property it has gone too far and must be stopped. By attacking a U.N. school in which residents of a Gaza refugee camp had sought safety, Israel has stepped outside the international community. The international community’s response must be swift and decisive.

It is time to show the Israeli leaders (Israeli President Shimon Peres is shown above, and a scene from his army’s onslaught below) that they are not above international law and cannot slaughter civilians at will. It is time to show the Israeli leaders that their military might is not beyond that of the rest of the civilized world. It is time to tell the Israeli leaders: “Enough!”

IsraelisI am dumbstruck that Barack Obama has remained silent for so long during the utterly repugnant slaughter of Gaza civilians.  I am disgusted by George W. Bush’s decision to block a U.N. demand for a ceasefire. But I am not surprised. I am frequently disgusted by the actions of George W. Bush. But Obama’s silence is disappointing. He did not hesitate to condemn the recent terrorist attacks in India, yet he has taken the over-cautious position in the Israel-Hamas conflict that “there is only one President at a time.” That does not show the kind of moral leadership for which people like me voted on Nov. 4.

If there is any outrage left in the world, the bloodthirsty leaders of Israel must be swiftly restrained, and with robust support from Americans. Step up to the plate, Barack!

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