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…it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. (MacBeth)

So the Republicans have taken the house, to say I am underwhelmed would be and understatement.  No shaking in my shoes here, nor I would dare say at the White House.  I imagine because having lived this long you learn a few things, like anger does not prepare anyone for leadership and that once the hype wears off and reality sets in, a more realistic picture begins to emerge and all at once things just aren’t that cut and dry anymore.

I didn’t watch any of the fervid, newly elected Representatives passionately reading the constitution on the floors of the Capital, nor did I hear the outburst from the one delusional soul who chose that moment to vent his feelings on the legitimacy of Mr. Obama’s presidency. Some things I can’t listen to especially because I understand the man they are vilifying is a constitutional lawyer who taught the subject and is clearly better equipped to speak on and interpret it than anyone doing a paltry reading.  But this is America where we allow the lunatics to run the asylum and elevate the simple above the profound.

Here’s a note to the Tea Party fanatics, Barack Obama is President of the United States.  That ship has sailed and he can no more be expunged from the pages of history any more than you can stop the waves from crashing to the shore.  It’s done.  So what’s left now, a blatant attack on his legacy, even if it means further adding to the national debt, or denying healthcare to the millions of people the President fought hard to provide with some dignity.

A note of   caution here, anger and hatred, regardless of its disguise only goes so far and it won’t take long before the very people you purport to speak for begin to understand that the way in which you are seeking to undermine the President will end up hurting them in the long run. 

Having a child taken off their parents insurance even though they are in college and not working, is not an issue that affects only Democrats; neither is the ability of insurance companies to drop coverage for people who become critically ill.  And when you accuse the President of introducing socialized medicine, even as your parents utilize Medicare, you should understand and acknowledge your own hypocrisy.

So for now you have the House and the floor, due primarily to anger with the Democrats for squandering an opportunity to stand with and support the President on our behalf; but don’t get too comfortable because I seriously doubt you will be able to deliver on those foaming promises made during the sound and fury of a campaign, the end result of which now requires you show leadership which will be a cold and a chilling reality for you.

 In the meantime 2012 is coming and I plan to be one of many who will help re-elect President Obama to a second term and the waves will still keep crashing to the shore.

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