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It’s all a very bad dream…


Circle December 2nd on your calendar, folks. That will be the first time Lebron James steps on the court in Cleveland as a professional wearing a jersey other than the Cavaliers. The over/under on people greeting him with cheers is 10, and that number includes his family members.


Wyclef Jean is running for President of Haiti. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this. Initially I thought it was amusing, then I was skeptical, and then suspicious. Pras, the third Fugee (which is kinda like being the fifth Beatle) has already come out in opposition of Jean and in support of his rival. In the words of Pras as quoted from Foreign Policy magazine “I love Wyclef to death, but he is not suited to be President of a new Haiti.” I could tell you twenty reasons why Wyclef running, whether he wins or not, is a terrible idea. The first reason is quite simply that Haiti needs more than he can bring-it needs steady, qualified, committed leadership. I won’t go into all the reasons however, but follow this link to an excellent OpEd about this issue.


I get two things from Pras’ statement though; one is that if the people that know you best won’t support you, why should anyone else? Second, I guess that Fugees reunion is off, huh?
So UAE and Saudi Arabia wants to ban-or in the alternative, be allowed to monitor-Blackberry messages/texts etc. Research in Motion is fundamentally opposed to the idea and Secy of State Hillary Clinton has said that while there are “legitimate security concerns,” there’s also “a legitimate right of free use and access,” Hmm. Is that like the free use and access the US government allows us? I seem to recall something from a few years ago called the Patriot Act that allowed them to listen in and check the same info that the Saudis and Emirates are asking for. So I guess what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander?


I was dreaming the other day that I heard a radio report that Isaiah Thomas (L) was rejoining the Knicks as a ‘consultant.’
Boy, i’m glad that was only a bad dream…
The NFL season starts in one month. College football starts in three weeks. I’m ready!

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