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It’s Still a Mad, Mad World, After All

I am back on my feet – literally – after taking some pills prescribed by Dr. Hana, my primary care physician. My swollen ankle looked a lot like gout and not at all like thrombosis or a deadly spider bite, she reassured me. Or it could be arthritis. Either way, an antibiotic would fix the problem, and it would attack the flu bug while it was at it. And she prescribed a second pill without explanation. Whatever it is, I feel great. Sandra says it’s a pain killer.  I can understand why so many people get addicted to pain killers…

So, in a more optimistic frame of mind, let’s take a look at the world as I find it today…

Yeah for President Obama! He comforted the bereaved Sandy Hook parents and enraged the NRA with “sweeping” firearms regulations. And he included 23 “executive actions,” which will be sure to infuriate the right-wing crazies. We’ll be hearing about dictators and tyrants, and how Americans should live free or die now, I’m sure.

Of course Congress will do its best to water down the gun reform effort, but at least the president stood up to the NRA and its flunkies.

I saw some gun nut on TV threatening to shoot somebody – anybody – as his way of protesting firearms control, which leads me to believe America is not lacking in lunatics. I hope somebody finds him and locks him up before he goes berserk. Obama has enough people trying to assassinate him as it is.

Meanwhile, in the House, the Republican Party was doing its best to split itself asunder, with Tea Party members voting against aid to the Hurricane Sandy victims. That left Speaker Boehner relying on Democrats to pass a $50 billion aid bill. I told you that would be the way the House works from, now on – with a few relatively sane Republicans joining moderate Democrats to get things done.

And, as I was falling asleep last night, Rachel Maddow was doing her best to give me nightmares. The way she sees it, Republican legislatures across the nation are rigging electoral districts to ensure no Democrat will ever get elected president again. Apparently, they can do that because the electoral college is such a dumb way of choosing a president. What were those Founding Fathers thinking, anyway?

And what were the voters thinking when they elected Republican legislators and governors? It makes you wonder about democracy, doesn’t it?

Maybe it is time for another revolution, after all. Let’s all get background checks and buy us some firearms. I don’t need more than 10 bullets to a magazine when I put on my tri-cornered hat and tune up my fife… Those single-shot muskets were good enough for the Colonists and they should be good enough for the patriots of today.

Yankee Doodle went to town…

I hope Dr. Hana plans to prescribe more of those pain killers. They’re what every revolutionary needs.

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