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It’s Time to Join the Boycott of Rush Limbaugh’s Advertisers

This time Rush Limbaugh has gone too far. The bloated buffoon is quoted as saying he wants President Obama’s administration to fail. How’s that for a man who constantly flaunts his “patriotism”?

I don’t listen to his radio show, of course, so all I know is what I read in the newspapers, hear on TV or see online. But I recall reading a few years back that he was accused of fraudulently concealing information to obtain prescription drugs. (I think prosecutors dropped the charge after Limbaugh submitted to an addiction treament program). Yet he doesn’t hesitate to fulminate self-righteously against everybody else’s peccadilloes.


Apparently, he also rails constantly against progressive policies, twisting facts and figures and stitching them together with spurious logic to make his case. But you would expect no less from someone with his IQ. According to Wikipedia, Limbaugh is so brain-dead that he flunked out of college after a couple of semesters. His mother is quoted as saying he “failed everything,” including ballroom dancing.

From all accounts, Limbaugh is revered by thousands (millions?) of conservatives. His radio audience is said to be among the largest in the U.S. and he is being paid $400 million over the next eight years by Premiere Radio Networks (a Clear Channel subsidiary). To me, that doesn’t say a lot for the intelligence of conservatives. But I never suspected conservatives of being all that intelligent, anyway.

President Obama, who is bending over backwards to be a gracious winner, has suggested to the Republican losers that they might want to avoid listening to Limbaugh in order to maintain their objectivity and give bipartisanship a chance to work. Personally, I don’t give bipartisanship much of a chance of surviving for long, so I have another suggestion: the rest of us should listen to Limbaugh’s show so we can find out who his advertisers are and boycott their products.

UPDATE: I thought the boycott idea was original but when I checked I found that someone else has already thought of it. Infuriated by Limbaugh’s description of anti-war protesters as Communists and homosexuals (video parody of Limbaugh, above), a group called “Take Back the Media” has organized a boycott of the show’s sponsors. And it seems their boycott is working! Micheal Stinson, a Vietnam-era veteran and co-founder of “Take Back The Media,” reports that RadioShack, Bose and Amtrak have all dropped the Limbaugh program as a result of the boycott.

Maybe we could go a little farther. How about boycotting Clear Channel Network and its subsidiaries as well as the products advertised on the shows they broadcast?

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