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It’s Time to Talk Single-Payer Health Insurance

As the Republican strategists attack Obamacare with every resource at their disposal, they should be careful what they wish for; they might get it. To derail Obamacare at this late stage would cause enormous confusion and great hardship. Americans might just get mad enough to throw the bums out and elect politicians who will give them simple, effective, no-nonsense health insurance reform.

The mid-term elections are slightly more than a year away, and they will provide an opportunity to rid Congress of the Republican infection that afflicts it. The elections will also provide a chance to banish Blue Dog Democrats who oppose health insurance reform.

I lived in Canada for 20 years, and I was in Toronto when the Province of Ontario introduced a government-run healthcare program. I still have close relatives in Ontario. And I can assure Americans the system is working very well indeed.

Obamacare is a compromise adopted to appease the health insurance moguls, who fear a single-payer solution to America’s health care abuses.

You have to wonder why the same folks who insist the government can’t run anything efficiently are so afraid of competition from the government.  But that’s why the insurers persuaded President Obama to settle for the convoluted system Republicans had created in Massachusetts as an alternative to a straightforward government-run program.

Simple common sense would have suggested something like expansion of Medicare to include all Americans. Private health insurance providers should have had no involvement in designing the health reform law.

Once the program was introduced, all they would have had to do to keep their customers was provide better care at a lower cost than the “inefficient” government.

How hard could that have been?

But they conned the president into a convoluted deal that lines their pockets in exchange for treating customers more fairly. Then they double-crossed him, spending millions on astroturf protests and propaganda campaigns to block the deal.

The fact that Obamacare made it into law despite the swarm of lies and tricks deployed to sabotage it should have told these robber barons something. But apparently it didn’t.

Their political pawns are working overtime to bring back the bad old days when sick Americans were completely at the mercy of greedy and cold-hearted insurance providers.

It’s time for America to say they’ve had enough. It’s time to abandon compromise and just do the right thing.

It’s time for a single-payer health insurance system – like the one my relatives in Canada enjoy.

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