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I’ve got a secret! The countdown to April 21 has begun!

The countdown has begun. The day of significance is April 21. Yes, it’s about to be “on!” Only catch is, I can’t tell you exactly what “it” is! Stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy life rhyme #402, and remember: there’s a life rhyme for EVERY situation!

top secret
”I’ve Got a Secret”

I’ve got a secret
But can’t say what it’s about
For silence is essential
for this nurtured dream to sprout

Psst, I’ve got a secret
Superstitious this may seem
But even little rain drops
have been known to drown a dream

Psst, I’ve got a secret
Man oh man it’s something big!
I’ll need my vim and vigor
while to this goal I zag and zig

Psst, Ok, you forced me
But the most I shall reveal:
I’m working on a gift for you
a gift no one can steal

So please do me this favor
And don’t think this all a bluff
A veil shall soon be lifted
And you’ll find out soon enough!

As you plant, nourish and grow your dreams, take care to shelter and nurture them in the fertile soil of silence until they have blossomed enough to withstand the elements–the rain of suppression, the wind of disbelief, and the heat of judgment through which all great things must grow. For even a single drop of rain can drown the unprotected dream.

Walt’s Life Rhyme #402
(I’ve Got a Secret)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
”I share what I know,
so that others may grow!”

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