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Jamaica 2011 Election Results

And the (preliminary) results are in…

and the People’s National Party has won 41 seats of the 63 constituencies across the island of Jamaica making it Jamaica’s 16th government. The honorable Portia Simpson Miller will be the new Prime Minister.

For the last few hours celebrations have ensued. Outside of my window I’ve heard everything from fireworks and gunshots to sirens and horns honking and what sounds like vuvuzelas (the little horn thing from the South Africa World Cup). It really sucks not having a TV right now, but I’ve been trying to stay tuned to the reports from the Electorial Commission of Jamaica , website like the Gleaner’s Jamaica Elections 2011 and social media to stay in the loop. It has been interesting to see the Tomorrow I’ll grab a newspaper and tackle the streets again.

Congrats to the new government. Now the real work begins…


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