Jamaica named as the best Caribbean country to start a business in World Bank’s annual Doing Business report. See where other Caribbean countries rank

jamaican-moneyJamaica is the best island in the Caribbean for starting a business according to the newest edition of the World Bank’s annual Doing Business report. Jamaica is listed at 20th in the world. Puerto Rico was second in the Caribbean with an overall ranking of 48th in the world. Below is a chart with the rankings.

Country  Caribbean Rank  Global Rank
Jamaica 1 20
Puerto Rico 2 48
Trinidad and Tobago 3 71
St Lucia 4 72
Grenada 5 80
St Vincent and the Grenadines 6 80
St Kitts and Nevis 7 87
Barbados 8 94
Bahamas 9 95
Guyana 10 99
Antigua and Barbuda 11 102
Dominican Republic 12 113
Belize 13 148
Suriname 14 181
Haiti 15 188


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