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Jamaica Road Trip

I’ve said it a million times before and today is no different. The best way hands down to explore Jamaica (at least for me) is to rent a car and just drive! It’s funny because for a long time, I was never a fan of driving, but in Jamaica every time you get in the car it’s a new adventure, from navigating the roads to the people you meet and everything in between.

Before  I leave the island for the Denver Passport Party Project and TBEX, I decided to head out on the open road once again…

Of course, I picked up my rental from Island Car Rentals in New Kingston. I’m sure by now the staff is probably wondering why I won’t just buy a car, as much as I’m in there!

Getting the Corolla checked out at Island Car Rental

Getting the Corolla checked out at Island Car Rental

First stop, Portland

I think it’s safe to say, this is my favorite or at least one of my favorite parishes in Jamaica. Besides the beautiful landscape and laid back vibe, I’ll be making my way to Rock da Boat, an all day retro Jam on Navy, Island. Navy Island was once owned by Errol Flynn, an American actors in the 30s-50s who hosted several wild Hollywood parties on the island. Now, efforts are underway to clean up Navy Island and restore it as a destination for locals and tourists to enjoy once again. Proceeds from the event will go towards clean up efforts.

Rock da Boat Retro Jam at Navy Island

Another Visit at Great Huts

I fell in love with Great Huts a few weeks ago and I’m back again for this weekend in Portland. It’s always great to check into a place and people recognize your face and know your name. Here are a few shots from my last stay at Great Huts when I stayed in the African Sunrise Hut. This time I’m taking up temporary residence in the Queen of Sheba Hut. Here’s a sneak peak of the room. More to come later…

The Queen Sheba Hut at Great Huts

The Queen Sheba Hut at Great Huts

Monday with the Maroons

Monday morning, I’ll be heading to the Maroon’s Cultural Center in Charlestown. Maroons are descendants of slaves who escaped from slavery and settled in their own free communities in the mountains throughout Jamaica. In January, I had the chance to visit Accompong, another Maroon settlement, for the annual Maroon Festival. This time around, I will have a resident of the community showing me around. Excited!!

Come along for the ride

Can’t make it to Jamaica just yet, well join me on Twitter, @AbsoluteADT, and on Facebook, Absolute Travel Addict,  to stay up to date with the journey. I’ll be posting picks and tweeting as much as my Digicel service allows. I’ve already posted an album from the first day of driving. Check it out here.

Portland, Jamaica

Help me decide what’s next…

After my weekend in Portland, I don’t have any specific plans on where to go next. All I know is I will eventually end up in Negril, an area, I’ve spent very little time.

I need your help. Have a favorite place you love to go? Somewhere you’ve heard of and want me to check out? Leave your comments below and stay tuned for where I end up next.

 Disclaimer: Island Car Rental provided the rental car for this road trip.

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