Jamaica & the Meeting of the Americas


On April 17 – 19, 34 democratic countries of the Americas will be meeting in Trinidad & Tobago for the 5th. summit of the Americas.

Here we will be discussing the common challenges that we face. Their goal is to seek solutions, and developed a shared vision within the frameworks of economic, social and political spheres.

The visit of the US congress folks to Cuba this past week actually started the posturing with that country’s future relationship with this body. This  threatens to distract the meeting from the overall pertinent issues .  The US embargo issue should not derail the larger regional agenda of social and economic development.


For those who would like a detailing of the issues that have been studied by the planning subcommittees,

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The last summit was held in 2005.  Back then, Jamaica’s priorities were:

Poverty Reduction


Protection of Children

Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation


Administration of Justice

for Economic Growth

Economic Negotiations


This meeting comes at a time where the economic health of the Americas in comparison to the Asian economy is wanting. A group of debt-ridden countries could make for a ceremonial meeting , whose declaration is not worth the expenditure of the ink. However  for those who are innovative, this  meeting could become a milestone to a new era  of growth possibilities.


Imagination Possibilities

Join me in expending some imagination in developing a thinking community’s agenda to represents Jamaica’s concern for this upcoming summit. 


Obama’s  Perspective on upcoming meeting


Is this meeting of value to Jamaica’s progress?


 If it is what are the burning issues that need to be on Jamaica’s agenda for the Americas?

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