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Jamaican Blues

Written by empressjournee

Photo credit: Yves Alarie

I dream sitting on the bluest mountain

the bluest sky with eyes open just you & I.

I pray standing, kneeling to eradicate

the vicious lies as tears flow from the corner of my eyes.

My heart breaks from loss after loss and  your absence

I once loved has me singing my Jamaican Blues.

Even though our meeting seems  like an illusion – a naughty lie

has me thinking Jamaica & wondering “Why?”

I dream sitting amongst Great Queens & Kings, just you & I.

Listening to conscious songs, soft & upbeat sounds

as if we were in Paradise.

The broken melody of my heart wants to see you,

know more about you, my Jamaican Blues.

Even when I am not ready to love you:

I dream big, Great King, for our lives.

I close my eyes and vision us dancing

like royal peacocks & beautiful butterflies

to mystical tunes, carib steel & the kettle drum:

*Lively up yourself and don’t be a drag,

I hear him say, my Jamaican Blues.

Have ‘Mi’  laughing with a great big smile

and just maybe, maybe the song we dance to

will bring happy tears from our eyes.

And I will remember to“Guard this Wildflower heart,”

just in case we get lost, in the moment of our grand time.

‘Cause me know my Jamaican Blues soon & very soon

It will be just you and I.

Empress Journee

*Inspired by: Robert Nesta Marley


About the author


I am a proud mother, grandmother, poet, writer, performer, a singer, great cook, a lover of unique fashionable earrings, and love to wear & dress in a unique artistic fashion.
I was born in Jamaica West Indies, immigrated to the United States of America at the tender age of ten. I've had the great privilege working for the Human Resource Admin, taught at an Head-Start and move on as an uprising reggae singer to perform as an open act for various great singers like Dennis Brown, Calypso Rose and others I admired. My career ended because of an overwhelming challenge of self-worth and depression I was facing; that took a long time to over come. However, the support of love ones and guidance of God, I was able to rise again and excel. I was able to connect more with my children and grand children to fulfill my destiny. I also had the great opportunity to meet Dr. Bettye Shabazz, before she passed on, and other great leaders. I know all could not occur without the support of love ones and most of all the God of breath. I am growing everyday as I hope that I will be successful on developing a higher Christ consciousness of my mind. The work is hard however through the love of Christ I am embracing the love of self, honoring myself more and developing my character. I won't give up on myself. I consider myself a wildflower that love to bring joy to others. I am also working on strengthening all areas of my spiritual gifts. Thank you for reading my poetic thoughts. Peace and Blessings!