Jamaican Bush fi dis, bush fi dat!

CAUTION: Written in Jamaican dialect!

Well if you nuh noa bout Jamaican bush, even one weh good fi sinting, sitten wrang wid yuh! Big time. All Jamaican grow up a learn bout bush fi dis, if not bush fih dat.
Memba di Jamaican peppermint fih gas as in GAStroenteritis and the herb fih a good clean out. Some people love aloe vera, sometimers confused with the Tuna for washing dem hair, especially wen dem have dandruff.
Dont forget dih greens wi all did grow up a eat like callaloo fi iron and tings!
Mercy, but dem bush and greens wuk fi true. Jah-Mek-Ya.. Jamaica blessed by God fih True!

Si wan list ya fi apply fi all kind a evil weh oonu a face:
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Jamaica plants, herbs, bushes for cures and more

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I am loving Jamaica and Jamaicans everywhere. I stand committed to exposing the dynamics of the Arts and Culture of Jamaica. If we could just bring the best of the world to Jamaica as much as the world clamours for the best of Jamaica, then we'd have an ideal mecca right here on the island. So travel with me across Jamaica for more hidden culture gems!!