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A few people contacted me to ask why we did not post more information on election day on We posted a few announcements (the last one was Friday) and gave users an opportunity to ask party representatives questions last month but did nothing more. Let me explain why. The passion and fear that is still in our community (even while abroad) left me with the impression that it is a “button” that should be pushed slowly.  Also we try to maintain neutral view which is difficult when you get news from source aligned with either the PNP or the JLP.

I remember a few years ago getting an email from a user because a JLP’s New Years message was “above” (appeared first on the page) and the PNP’s message (appeared second on the page). They were upset because the ruling party should always be first. I tried to explain that “last in” is what appears first on our announcement page. For the submission of online questions (to JLP and PNP candidates) users told me they feared sending anything via because they did not want their faced “marked”.

These are a few of the reason we don’t push too much politics…In hindsight this was an exciting finish and maybe we should have started a specific discussion thread as the results came in. I stayed up most of the night watching the results and discussion on CVM. I am sure many others did too…

The preliminary results show that the JLP has one by a close margin, 31-29. The PNP is not conceding. There is talk of court challenges, recounts and ineligible candidates. etc. I live in Florida and remember the nightmare of the 2000 US election which was decided in the courts. I would hate to see Jamaica to go this route. Lets get leadership in place quickly.

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