Jamaicans fighting back against crime

There has always been a raging debate about gun ownership in Jamaica. Many argue that crime would go down in Jamaica if all citizens were allowed to carry guns. I don’t have an opinion on this  as it is a very gray area. Trouble tends to follow guns and gun tend to deter trouble.

Well I think the debate may heat up again as there was a story in the Jamaican Observer where Manchester business men have formed their own Civil Defense Force to combat crime. Basically if I can’t get a gun why not pay for hired guns. Maybe the next step is the community having a co-op where everyone pools in for a community Civil Defense Force to patrol and keep the community safe. The next step after that maybe a non-profit organization that funds these Defense forces for communities. Where does it all end once it starts. Do we go back to all citizens having the right to own a firearm.

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