Jamaica’s Competitiveness Needs a Bolt Jolt!

The World Competitive rankings are in! Jamaica slipped to 95th. in the annual rankings of the world’s most-competitive economies.
It was previously ranked 91st. Nations are tiered in five categories, and Jamaica is tiered in the second from last category.

The top three problematic issues impeding Jamaica’s economic growth were.
• Crime & theft.
• Inefficient government bureaucracy
• Corruption

Switzerland held the premier position in the survey thanks to ranking fourth in the world for its business sophistication and second for its ability to innovate, the WEF said.
Sweden climbed two slots to second, surpassing Singapore which remained third. Sweden was credited for its transportation and high level of ethical behavior, while Singapore won points for its lack of corruption and for the efficiency of its government.

Germany, Japan, Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark and Canada rounded out the top 10, the composition of which was unchanged from last year.

China led the way among the large developing economies, rising to 27th from 29th, while India dropped two slots to 51st. Brazil fell to 58th from 56th and Russia stayed 63rd. In Latin America, Chile was the highest-ranked country at 30th and South Africa, 54th, was the best performer in its region.

Barbados continued to lead the Caribbean region moving up from 44 to 43.
This report is published each year by the organizers of the annual conference of business leaders, politicians and entertainers in Davos, Switzerland — is based on 12 measures of competitiveness and an opinion poll of more than 13,500 business leaders. Chad was ranked bottom of all the countries studied.


How will this report affect your effort in promoting our Island in the sun?

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