Jamaica’s Usain Bolts Gets a Big up on NBC Today show…dem nuh know what is yam…

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  • I cannot believe that there are no comments to this blog. I am a Canadian and I am adding my voice to shout, “SHAME<SHAME< SHAME!!! Also in response to McCain's response denouncing the rabid act of that mindless murderer; where was he when that airhead Sarah Palin posted cross hairs on those Republican candidates? Did he, John Mc Cain, denounce Jesse Kelly's suggestion urgeing supporters to fire an M16 to 'get on target for victory', and remove Gabrielle Giffords from office. I sure don't remember him or any of them, Republicans, voicing dissapproval, then. Come on America, do the right thing, stand up for what is right and denounce this senseless act!!! Billy G.

  • Shame on Arizona’s gun laws! The gun was legally purchased with no waiting period and a simple background check. There should be more stringent laws and it should be extremely difficult to purchase hand guns and illegal to carry concealed weapons.