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John Boehner’s Bluff


House Speaker John Boehner says he is going to sue President Obama. For what exactly? For… well, he will figure that out later, but it will have something to do with executive orders and not implementing laws passed by Congress.

Of course it’s a bluff. You know and I know that under the Constitution you must have suffered some kind of harm in order to sue anyone for redress. Boehner has no “standing” in court. Congress has no “standing” in court. They can’t show they’ve been harmed.

You and I would have a better case if we were to sue John Boehner and Congress. We have suffered irreparable harm at their hands. They have let the country drift into an economic and social Sargasso Sea while they attack and obstruct the President – and fight among themselves.

Even Fox News can see that. The cable channel’s Neil Cavuto gave Michele Bachmann a piece of his mind Wednesday when she started jawing about suing the President. He tongue lashed Bachmann and her colleagues in Congress for launching attacks at each other instead of addressing the nation’s pressing problems.

Cavuto dismissed the threat to sue as a waste of time. He asked Bachmann:

Where was your rage when Democrats were going after President Bush on the same use of executive orders, because I think you knew then that that was a waste of time then and I think you know in your heart of hearts this is a waste of time now.

When Bachmann persisted, he told her she was “being silly,” and cut to a commercial

Fox News!

I guess that crazy Michele Bachmann has worn out her welcome on the news channel. And it seems her Tea Party pals are in disarray nationwide. Yes, they defeated Eric Cantor in Virginia but they got their heads handed to them in Mississippi. And South Carolina. And Kentucky.

So why is Boehner kowtowing to them? Why is he talking rubbish and pledging millions of Repubican Party dollars to support their candidates?

I guess he’s that kind of guy. Dumb.

The House speaker should read the writing on the wall. America is getting fed up with the Tea Party’s nonsense. They’ve gone too far.

Even the Republican Party establishment has had enough. And the party establishment can get mean. As in Cavuto’s rant, for example.

Those Tea Party candidates are in for a shock.

Remember I told you so when they get a shellacking in November.

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