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This weekend I’ve been flying between New York and Fort Lauderdale. I met a very funny Jewish grandfather on a busy flight. I didn’t get his name, but he made a difficult flight with demanding passengers better for me. It was one of those flights where I didn’t get to sit down for a minute. The aircraft was lighted up with call buttons. People were calling me to take up an empty cup from their tray table, even though I’d just passed by collecting trash. Grandpa ambled to the back to use the rest room. Upon exiting he smiled at me:

jew jokes“My pipes don’t work as well they used to. If I swallow my spit I gotta take a leak!”

I chuckled.

“Hey do you know what the Jewish dilemma is?”

I shook my head.

“Free bacon!”

“I got another one for you. Why are Jewish people’s noses so big? Because the air is free!”

“Thanks for the laughs,” I said.

“Anytime toots! I know we can be difficult but that’s because we are God’s chosen people. The rest of yous gotta deal with it.”

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