Jonas Hodges from “24” blasting Obama…He always played a bad guy

 Jon Voight

Here is a case where I am having difficulty seperating the actor as a person from the role he played.

From Wikipedia – “Jon Voight hosted the GOP Senate-House fundraiser dinner event on 9 June, 2009, with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich as the keynote speaker, where he delivered a particularly harsh rebuke to Obama, saying he was “embarrassed” by the president and that Obama’s leadership would cause the “downfall” of the country. Voight also stated that Obama was a “false Prophet.”

Here is my dilemna. He played the bad guy Jonas Hodges on this seasons TV series 24. For some reason I cannot picture him giving an honest opinion on any US president after the role he just played in the series. I know I should seperate the real person from the character but I can’t. He always seemed to play the bad guy in every role I have seen him.

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