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Just the Ticket for 2016!

Of course I want Hillary to run for President in 2016. Who in their right mind wouldn’t? (No, I don’t think any Republicans are in their right mind these days.)

So what about Joe Biden? What about Elizabeth Warren?

I think Joe would make a wonderful ambassador. Why not Ireland? Joe’s as Irish as you can be without being born on the auld sod. They would surely love him over there. (We all love him over here.)

And Elizabeth Warren?

How I yearn to see her as President. But let’s be reasonable. It’s a mite too soon.

I want Hillary to pick Ms. Warren as her running mate.

Oh yes! An all-woman ticket!

And such bright women!

Such tough women!

They are the spiritual descendants of Boadicea… of Jeanne d’Arc … of Cleopatra … of the first Queen Elizabeth…

No less heroic (in my eyes, anyway) and practical, worldly wise, equally skilled at handling macho bullies and seeing through treacherous sycophants.

They remind me of  Eleanor Roosevelt, dear Eleanor, in many ways.

Idealistic yet practical. Undaunted yet charming when charm is called for. And informed. These are women who know what they’re talking about. When they talk, you’d be advised to listen.

It’s a ticket that would make America sit up and pay attention.

A ticket that would send shivers down the spines of those Wall Street bandits and religious-right bullies … a ticket that would enrage the bigots who still infest this great society… a ticket that would give hope to the hopeless, courage to the faint of heart, renewed vigor to a flaccid Democratic Party…

It’s time women took charge, after all. It’s time America shook off the shackles of those boozy old men with their medieval notions and condescending ways. Ultrasound probes indeed! OMG! What will they think of next?

As a man, I have to recognize we’ve had our day, guys, and it’s time for a change. Let’s give the “little ladies” a chance to see what they can make of the USA – and the world.

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