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Keeping us in Suspense


Drop by tiny drop the “leaks” keep coming but why aren’t we hearing some official news from all of those investigations into Russia’s hacking?

I would think the facts are easy to uncover. It’s common knowledge that Putin’s hackers stole information from the Democratic Party’s computers and released the damaging stuff they found. And everyone knows why they did it – to help Trump win, of course.

And there can’t be any doubt remaining that Trump’s campaign was in contact with the Russians while this was going on.

Investigators have received thousands of pages of documentation and heard hundreds of hours of testimony. Yet we the people are still waiting for word on what they dug up.

Yes, the investigators have to be meticulous.

High crimes and misdemeanors were undoubtedly committed. Even folks like me, who are “out of the loop,” must by now suspect there was money laundering involved, for example.

And I realize the investigators must carefully document their findings before making any charges – especially charges against people in positions of great power.

But were the investigations meant to go on forever?

The investigations are expensive. And our tax money is needed for other projects – building and repairing our crumbling roads and bridges for example.

The investigations are distracting. Nothing seems to get done in Congress these days.

And the investigations are divisive. Each new leak adds fuel to existing political animosities.

The investigators will have to release their findings sometime.  The earlier the better.

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