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Here’s an email I received a few days ago:
I’d like to see more! Why? I like the flippancy, your sense of humor – as in the opening sequence.
I like the sharing of personal info, like your comment that ‘it came after a lot of contemplation’
I like the immediacy of the experience – like ‘my heart skipped a beat’
I like the connection to others – via links and pictures (though I do not recall Cindy and Ricky)
I like the saga of the on-going search for vegan restaurants
I like the exposure to publications – and wilder foods – ‘Id never otherwise come across (like the Caribbean cookbooks – and raw pizza???) and I thought the final picture SO perfect!!!!!!!
Perhaps you could do different boroughs of NYC; you could do the various ethnic mini-cities within NYC (little Italy, Chinatown, the Jewish section, etc.,) or just your ordinary day-to-day experiences! In sum, being able to vicariously enjoy your travels, your experiences – which were told with wit and humor and wonderful pictures – brought a nice break to the day – and I miss them! -RT, in response to the latest post from Augusta, GA (not quite China, but….)

So, with that said, the last Jamaican in China “reality show” season was a fun and insightful experience! For me, it was life changing! However, that was then. This is now. Based on popular demand like the email above, I see it’s time to hit the road again! [cue Willie Nelson music] This time–with your help–there’ll be more professional video, interviews with people on the streets of China, more humor, more personal and private info, recurring characters (Mr. Fair Deal Papaya Man, perhaps?), and of course, more girls and more vegetarian food–I hope! And, if you’re really supportive, there’ll even be Jamaican in [WHO KNOWS WHERE!!] (Colombia, Thailand, Bali, Czech Republic and Tibet are all on my list!)

    So, let’s show Apple and Canon and China Air we don’t need no stinkin’ corporate sponsorship!! Let the crowd take control! Check out the fund raising campaign at the popular “crowd funding” site, GoFundMe.com, and thanks in advance for your support! A total of $5,000 is needed to get the new adventure rolling with a digital camera, laptop, phone, travel documents and China visa!

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