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Let’s Defend Our Women’s Honor, Guys!


In some other country, Jamaica for example, Rush Limbaugh’s vile slurs about a Georgetown University co-ed would earn him a “big lick.” More than one “big lick.” A thorough “bus’-ass.”

But American men don’t seem to care what’s said about their women.

Where is the outrage among the guys?

What if law student Sandra Fluke was your daughter? Or your girlfriend?

Would you let it pass? Would you let that lecherous pig call her a “slut” and a “prostitute” and suggest she post videos of her sex life on the internet in return for birth control insurance coverage?

The thought of Rush Limbaugh slobbering lasciviously over anyone’s sex videos makes me sick to my stomach. And his demand that this lovely young woman help give him his voyeuristic jollies is nothing short of indecent assault.

Predictably, Limbaugh’s obscene fantasizing has provoked an outcry from women. California Congresswoman Jackie Speier suggested that women boycott the sponsors of his radio program. 

“I say to the women in this country, do something about this,” Speier said. “I say to the women of this country, ask Century 21, Quicken Loans, Legal Zoom, and Sleep Number to stop supporting the hate mongering of Rush Limbaugh and if they do not do that, then I ask them to boycott those companies.”

Of course I agree with her. But why stop there? America’s women shoppers should boycott the entire Clear Channel radio network and all of its advertisers until Limbaugh is banished from the airwaves.

And what about us men? Why would we want to support the pervert – or his network?

I know that some male members of Congress joined in signing a letter asking Republican leaders to renounce Limbaugh’s repulsive remarks. But that’s a rather pallid response. And of course the Republicans will not renounce Limbaugh.

For some inexplicable reason, the Republican Party has embarked on a crusade against women, demanding cutbacks in their health care and battling fiercely to beat back every advance they have made in the past half century. I wouldn’t be surprised if some Republican introduces a bill in Congress to revoke women’s voting rights.

But even in the prevailing political climate, Limbaugh has crossed the line. The protest should be universal and overwhelming

I realize Clear Channel has progressive hosts – like Ed Schultz, who happens to be a favorite at my house. But I am disappointed that these hosts haven’t staged a protest strike. They should refuse to work for a network that gives Rush Limbaugh a soapbox.

As far as I am concerned an apology is not enough; he should be kicked off the air.

I know he has 22 million listeners and is considered “too big to fail.” But there are times when you must do the right thing and accept the consequences. 

And don’t hold your breath waiting for Limbaugh to apologize. He is probably getting slapped on the back right now by his beer-swilling, cigar-chomping buddies, who overcompensate for their ED by reviling women. Is that what American manhood has come to?

You might think from the beer ads that all American men are swaggering neanderthals who play cards endlessly and snicker slyly about sex. But I am sure the vast majority of men in America are not like that.

It’s time for America’s decent males to step forward. It’s time to show slimeballs like Limbaugh that chivalry is not dead.

Let’s all boycott the products advertised on the Clear Channel network until Limbaugh’s voice is silenced.

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