Let’s honor the modern day Joseph, Dr. Norman Borlaug

Dr. Norman who ? you may be saying,

 but if you are not concerned about where your next slice of bread is coming from, you may just have Norman Borlaug to thank. I honor this man , who may not be well known, but is the father of the green revolution.


Dr. Norman E. Borlaug
March 25, 1914 – September 12, 2009

He received the nobel prize in 1970 for his work that reversed the food shortages in India and Pakistan in the 1960s.

Because of his genius, global food production has expanded faster than the human population growth, averting the mass starvation that was predicted.


He sparked the green revolution by making a case for high-yield cereal crops, inorganic fertilizers, and a novel irrigation scheme.  Let me share a sense of his effort.

In 1950, the world produced 0.69 Billion tons of grain on 1.7 billion acres.

In 1992, the world produced 1.9 Billion tons of grain on 1.73 billion acres.


Sure he has his detractors, especially those who think that his approach wreacked havoc on the environment. 

 However, could it be a means of getting us to a place, where we can add the sustainability component?


Read His Nobel award speech


When we think about the implication of his work, we will realize that he has saved billion of lives!



“Reach for the stars.  Although you will never touch them, you may get a little stardust on your hands.”


Dr. Borlaug, Thank You and Rest in Peace



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