George Graham

Like the Six Blind Men

As I read the comments on this blog, I am reminded of an Indian fable that describes the way six blind travelers perceive an elephant after stumbling upon different parts of the animal’s body.

One fell against the elephant’s side and declared the creature was like a wall. Another got hold of its tusk and concluded the creature was more like a spear. One who grabbed the creature’s trunk decided an elephant must be some kind of snake.

The fourth blind man felt against one of the elephant’s legs and decided elephants were actually trees. The fifth caught an ear and said the creature was a fan. And the sixth was convinced, after snatching the elephant’s swinging tail, that the creature was some kind of rope.

Yes, dear readers, I suspect you and I are all right to some extent. But what do we really know?

We stumble blindly through a complex landscape, clutching at elusive shapes, while hidden hands push us hither and thither and unseen eyes watch us and mock us.

And all we have to guide us is the conflicting and confusing snippets of information fed to the media by manipulative sources.

So, it behooves us to be patient with one another, toleratingĀ  opinions with which we disagree and remaining open to modifying our own views as we process the perceptions of others.

Yes, Chris K, I am inclined to view current events from a liberal perspective. That’s part of my DNA, I guess.

But I try to be honest and fair, based on what I think I know. Take what i write with a grain of salt, and temper it with the views expressed by others who comment. This is an open forum, and nobody’s views are censored.

But let’s keep our discussions amicable. All we have is each other. And we are facing frightening odds.

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