Baby oh Baby Jamaica

Little Trooper

I had a great day yesterday with my son, there were the usual tantrums and I was feeling a little ill but still it was a good day. As usual we got up early, his fascination with the van still continued so I decided to just give in and let him play in it at about 6am. While he played I took care of my plants. I also decided to give him a little drive out which actually turned out into an unplanned trip to the market. He loved it!! He is a little helper so he tried to help me carry my bags so I gave him a little one of his own.

Once we got him he has his banana (oh he loves this, he will eat as much as possible if you allow him) and an orange fresh from the market. I made porridge and we ate and played.

I still had work picking up flowers and preparing for a table setting I have on Labour Day and as usual he was right there with me trying to help me in any way he could. He also followed me to the mechanic and helped without taking out the garbage in the evening (oh he does this every evening and he actually doesn’t want me to help but given the weight I have to). I love him and I hope he keeps up this attitude.

Thank you my son for being there for me today. We had our little moments but we were able to work it out and still have a good day.


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