LNG Project full of Gas | Man Steals Identity, then Reports it Stolen | Honduran Cruise Ship or Fishing Boat??

When a vessel comes into your waters with hundreds of people on board, you usually direct them to the craft market, NOT shoot them up! But I guess Hondurans never quite figured the answer to the question: “How many fishermen does it take to pillage a neighbour?” And speaking of ventures gone awry, did you hear the one about why the LNG project smelled funny? It was full of gas!! Whoaaaa Nelly!!! We’re on a roll here!!!

Ok, ok, so we’ll stick to our day jobs, but somebody please put this idiot out of his misery – the guy steals someone’s identity and then calls the cops to report it stolen!! Unfortunately we can’t report all these bank fees we’re charged by the second as stolen property, but Jamaicans continue to be swindled by two-armed bandits in fancy suits. New year, same ol’ drama!!

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