Lorde says she hates Reggae – Jamaica should roll out the red carpet for her

Lorde - Instagram

Lorde – Source: Instagram

“I hate Reggae, Reggae makes me feel like am late for something,” – These comments are attributed to Grammy winner Lorde by various media sources.  Jamaica should roll out the red carpet for her like they do for everyone who “loves” Jamaica.  Remember the Erik Nicolaisen, the star of The #GetHappy VW Superbowl Ad.  Jamaica fell in love with him after the commercial and he was invited to the island. Why not do the same for  Lorde? Let her see the island that gave birth to reggae music. Let her know that reggae music is the father to rap/hip hop which is a genre she sang about in her hit song. The timing is perfect, as February is reggae month.  Turn a negative into a positive. She may leave not loving reggae music but I am sure she will love the people.

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