George Graham

A Mad Guy with a Gun?

OK, so the only defense against a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. At least that’s the way you see it if you are a faithful fan of  Western movies or an NRA supporter. But why on earth would anyone want to have a mad guy with a gun show up?

Even the most limited intelligence must realize mentally ill people can be dangerous? Especially with a gun?

So why did Congress vote to arm mentally ill Americans?

According to the Associated Press:

Congress on Wednesday sent President Donald Trump legislation blocking an Obama-era rule designed to keep guns out of the hands of certain mentally disabled people.

Iowa Senator Charles Grassley, a Republican, argued that “disabled’ people have rights, too . Even the right to bear arms.


Is that the picture you get when you think of some loon on a rampage?

Surely that’s taking political correctness to a bizarre extreme?

Yet according to the AP story, the American Civil Liberties Union and “advocacy groups” for the disabled  joined the NRA’s protest against the Obama regulation.

It’s a mad, mad world – sorry  mentally disabled.

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