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Driven Mad by Hate



The hate fest that the Republicans are holding in Cleveland is showcasing more than sheer venom. It is exposing a dangerous streak of insanity.

lucifer2When Ben Carson links Hillary to Lucifer (pictured at right), you know he has completely lost touch with reality.

When that grotesque Chris Christie stages a kangaroo trial and the assembled mob finds Hillary guilty of some sinister crime, you know you have entered the Twilight Zone.

Is this what the November election is about?

Hating Hillary?

Up to now, the hatred Trump spews has tended to target groups – Mexicans and Muslims, for example. But this convention is focusing the hatred on one individual – Hillary Clinton.

Looking at her (above with granddaughter Charlotte) , you have to wonder how she inspires such venom. What has she done to these people? Why do they hate her so much?

Hillary Clinton is a faithful wife, a loving mother, a proud grandmother. She has been a public servant throughout her life, trying to help the downtrodden and protect the vulnerable – especially women and children.

And – you won’t hear this on TV – Politifact has called her the most truthful presidential candidate in either party.

How can this woman breed such animosity? What is it that drives those Republicans gathered in Cleveland to maniacal fury?

Does she threaten their position of privilege perhaps? Does she symbolize a changing America – a change they fear?

She is not black like Barack Obama. She is not a Mexican or a Muslim. She is not an immigrant. She was born in the USA and comes from the same ethnic roots as the vast majority of Trump’s followers.

But she is a woman. A woman who aspires to  break America’s tradition of exclusively male presidents.

Is that her grievous offense? Is that what links her to Lucifer? And if that’s the reason they hate her so, are they not insane?

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