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Made for Each Other



The media are reporting that Ted Cruz is eyeing Carly Fiorina as his running mate if he wins the Republican nomination. And I am horrified by the possibility of witnessing such a union.

To me, Cruz and Fiorina define the word “ugly.” Not just politically but spiritually and emotionally.

I don’t know them personally, of course. But from what I’ve read about them, they appear to be among the most mean spirited, spiteful megalomaniacs ever to tarnish the American political scene.

They seem to have no regard for the truth – either of them. They have been quoted as telling the most outrageous lies to smear their opponents. Fiorina even invented a sequence she claimed she saw in a tape that depicted Planned Parenthood as vultures who profit from the sale of fetus’s organs. A tape that has since been debunked as a fabrication.

Cruz is portrayed not just as a habitual prevaricator who stoops to the lowest of political “dirty tricks” to win votes but also as the worst kind of hypocrite. He claims to be a champion or morality and yet he is accused by the media of patronizing the DC Madam and flitting from one mistress to another.

Looking at their faces (above), I find it all to easy to accept the unflattering portraits painted in the media.

I can’t imagine any normal human being actually voting for such a pair. But for a pariah society, where normal standards are reversed, they would seem to be the perfect flag bearers.

I can only hope the American electorate has not yet sunk to that abysmal level.

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