George Graham

Man’s Inhumanity to Man


There’s a mean streak in mankind, and if it is tolerated, it breeds monstrous behavior. Alarmingly, that’s what seems to be happening in today’s America.

You can see it in social media where trolls bare their ugly souls.  You can see it in the news where unspeakable acts of cruelty and mindless rage are reported daily. And you can certainly see it in today’s politics.

I’m sure you’ve noticed how vicious political campaigns have become. And almost every day we get new revelations of the kind of dirty tricks employed to win elections.

For example, we are now getting the details of Russian intervention in America’s 2016 elections and they’re really creepy. We don’t know yet how much involvement there was by Americans, but it is obvious to me that the Russian saboteurs had help.

Neither of the major parties is completely blameless of course. But the Republicans have become the flag bearers for society’s sickness. They  persistently revel in the defiant display of abhorrent behavior and rank inhumanity.

Their mascot should be the Grinch.

Their unashamed attacks on food stamps, health care and other humane government programs betray their crabbed instincts. So does their relentless assault on the environment. And so does their cynical opposition to common-sense gun control laws…

Now they are targeting the disabled.

Republicans in Congress are trying to roll back the rights of the handicapped to enjoy the same public facilities as other Americans.

Their bill sailed through the House on Thursday despite desperate pleas from disabled protesters in the gallery. Several protesters, some in wheelchairs, were thrown out by Capitol police.

It now goes to the Republican controlled Senate, where you can be sure protesters will again show up in force.

You might think the Republican senators will be moved by the sight of pathetically  disabled human beings pleading for protection of their rights.

But that isn’t how today’s Republicans are. They seem to enjoy inflicting misery.

The Republican senators will most  likely vote against the handicapped, just as their pals in the House did. Disabled Americans can only hope the Democrats will muster the muscle to turn back the assault.

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