May is Child Month

May Child month Jamaica

Today May 1st is the start of Child Month.  We, along with over twenty other organizations in Jamaica, will be celebrating our precious children.  What will you do this month to celebrate and improve the lives of all children?  Of course your own children but I venture to say that we have a responsibility to all children, especially Jamaican children.
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An article in today’s Observer TEENage section March for May: Shatter the Silence asks the question “What can we do  to make our children’s world safer and let them feel special in a world where others lessen their importance?”    They offer three steps to answer this question:

  1. Pay attention and be in tune with their school and social activities
  2. Be firm and fair-discipline the child without abuse
  3. Listen openly-allow children to feel safe expressing their thoughts, feelings and ideas

I encourage you you read the entire article and make your way around our posts here on Kid ‘N’ Play JAfor some other suggestions on engagement with your children.
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What are you doing for Child Month?  Share with us in the comments below.
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