McCain’s Free Ride

I few weeks ago a wrote about Obama getting the “pillow” from the media. It now seems that McCain is getting the pillow. He made mistakes about Sunni and Shiite a few times. The New York times stories seems to have disappeared. His 100 years is now said to be a misquote when if you look at the transcript it is not.  Lets see how long this free ride continues…

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  • As far as I’m concerned they’re still “Fools” and Damned fools” I need to keep reciting the rules of the coffee party, my tolerance seems nil.

  • Me too, Liz Ayers. I try really hard to be mellow in my responses to coffee party rubbish and convoluted conservative blatherings BUT! Something in me screams out in distress. For the first time in my life I ache to clamber aboard a soap box in some park and plead with passing strangers for a return to sanity. Thank you George Graham. I have just read several of your recent blogs and here’s what I truly think: You are the Prince of Bloggers. I wish I were in a position to honor you with some fancy award. I wish the rest of the world could read your blogs. I am so glad you exist. Never stop blogging. My mind would die of thirst.

  • All I can say is, dito, dito, dito…..Sigh. Like the fall of the Roman Empire, the good old USA seems intent on destroying itself. Billy G.