McCain’s Response to “How do we beat the bit**”


I have a problem with Mr McCain’s response to this question. He seemed totally
okay with Hillary Clinton being called a “bit**”. There was no rebuke of the
usage of the term. In fact he knew exactly who the lady was talking about (the
term is now unisex). His response about respecting the Democratic candidate just seems like he is trying to “skirt” the questions and seem like he respects her as woman. But no rebuke. I understand that woman who succeed in a man’s world are viewed a tough but do they deserve to be called “bit**s”. Now the funny thing is that the Mrs. Clinton campaign cannot use this against McCain as she does not want to draw attention to the herself. She was already accused of playing the “woman card”. This white elephant will continue to be in the room for the duration of this election season.

Something about Mr. McCain’s response to this question just does not seem right.

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