Michael Vick…The media loves to infuse race for ratings

I am convinced the US media finds a racial issue in everything. If the news involves a famous black person in trouble they are going to find the “one” person who will play the “race card” and defend them. The goal seems to be to stir up the community (black and white) with a controversy, infuse race into the discussion and prop up their rating.

Let’s take the Michael Vick situation. The media claims that black people are defending him. What was funny was hearing many of these media people reference a poll done in Atlanta. What do they expect black people who live in Atlanta to say. It is there quarterback. The other defendants are black so why no race card for them.

I listened to a sport radio commentator make a blank statement that all the “black Americans” (I don’t like the term African-American) he has heard from so far was defending Michael Vick. His show was pretty much dead before he made the statement. As soon as he said it he had caller on the show. I am sure he had a good rating for the day.

If the media continues to infuse race in every situation and allow the race card to be used to prop up ratings the black community will suffer when there is a real race issue…People will turn a deaf ears every time they hear “wolf” all the time…

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  • That’s the bottom line, jobs. The US and Canada are going where ever they can to make the most money, and they really don’t care a hoot about the ecconomy. A pretty bleak picture being painted for our children and grand children. Billy G.

  • S0 if you lived equal distance between two Wal-Marts, one in Vermont and one in New Hampshire (whichs has no sales tax) which one would you go to? It is no different for a corporation looking to make a profit, but instead of sales taxes they are looking at labor costs. They will go where they can find the cheapest labor. You can thank our free trade policies for that.

  • I wouldn’t go to Walmart, they are town killers and polluters. I prefer spending my money in the downtown core. Somtimes, you have to look at the content and context more then the bottom line. Maybe if Walmart wasn’t rewarded by local governments for opening stores in their areas, they wouldn’t continue to exploit the cheap labor in China et al and kill all competitors.